CTA Train Pillow Letters


Spring 2014

H Lynnea Johnson found some mistakes in the Road Warrior Shawl pattern on page 29. Thanks, Ms. Johnson!

Please find the corrected PDF here.

The Chicago Pride Hat on page 30 was a little wonky, too. If you found the sizes didn't correspond to the pattern,
here is one that might work a bit better.

Fall 2014

The Chicago Pride Sweater was designed by Andrew Rodgers, not Kim Richardson. She came up with the idea,
but Andrew actually put his sweat (and possibly tears) into making the pattern and knitting the sweater. And we love him for it.

Vicki Sayre's name was misspelled in The Committed Knitters article. It is shown as "Vickie," but the correct spelling of her name is "Vicki."

Winter 2015

The High Tea Bandeau and the High Tea Gloves should be made with size 0 needles, not size 2.
The Dayflower Stole chart is incorrect. Please download the correct one here.

Please let us know if you find any more pattern mistakes and we will post them on this page.

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